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Components for RSD, RFF and RBB up for grabs.

I have created some components, mainly menus, but lately also some other building blocks, to be used with the responsive applications. There might be more when I get time to make some more. I especially found the menu selection a tad limited, so I wanted to create my own. If you find them usable, please help yourself to them.
All the source files can be downloaded. They can all be opened in RSD2, and if the file extension is .rff or .rbb, they can also be opened in RFF and RBB respectively. The pinterest-button component can also be opened in RSD1.5.
After the source files have been downloaded, they can be saved as themes in the respective programmes, or in RSD2 they can also be saved to the component library.
I had to create an 'about' page for the carousel, so check the 'Read me' button!

Instructions on how to create components

This sliding menu I found on the web and have 'translated' it into a .rff file. The menu button can of course be replaced with the usual 'hamburger' or anything else, and small changes made to the appearance in the custom.css file in the 'resources'. There is also some js in the footer to be aware of.