Welcome to my apiary

When I was a kid, my father and my uncle kept bees - I mainly kept my distance!

It was not until the summer of 2001 that I started up with just one hive of my own. Since then I have had to learn how split strong colonies or catch some swarms in order to keep the bees at bay and replace colonies that didn't manage to get through the winter. In 2006 I caught two swarms and made up a third colony for a new born queen that had hatched in my bathroom, so all of a sudden I was up at the total of seven hives. I hadn't really thought of getting THAT much involved! Therefore I reduced the number for my move in 2007, and at present (2011) I have just two colonies.

These pages have been made mainly for all my English speaking friends who keep asking about my beekeeping. Here I'm trying to show what I'm doing with some of my time. The contents of these pages may change along with what pictures I'm able to take. I have tried to describe the work with the bees throughout the year. Enjoy, folks!


May 26, 2010
This site has finally had a most needed overhaul. The principles and methods of how to create a website have changed a lot during the last 4 years since the first version of this site was published. The monitor sizes have changed too.

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